The Proposal

After the Watauga County Arts Council left its home of more than 26 years at the Jones House Community Center, the organization began to use this new phase of its life as an opportunity to explore new directions of service to Watauga County’s citizens.  The Board of Directors spent many hours exploring our history, our past programs, our current programs, and the needs of the community.  With this information, a business plan was developed by a sub-committee and periodically brought back to the board for input before it was finally approved.

We are very grateful to Joseph Miller (of Cheap Joe’s) for helping to guide us along the way, to Kevin McConnaghy (of the Small Business Center) for helping us develop our business plan, and to Jim Deal and Andrea Capua for help with reviewing and “tweaking” our plan.

April 2 Commissioners

The completed Business Plan  (it begins on page 13) was presented to the Watauga County Commissioners to ask for their approval of a lease for April 2 Audiencethe property located at 377 Shadowline Drive in Boone.  A Prezi was developed which acted as both an Executive Summary and a Public Presentation for the Commissioners’ Meeting on April 2, 2013.