Thank You for becoming a Sustaining Member!

Because of your generosity and that of others who join you as members, the Arts Council can continue to provide workshops, classes, lessons, exhibits, grants, children’s programming…..and we can be assured of having the needed funds to keep the Blue Ridge ArtSpace serving our community all through the year!  thankyou

In other words – because of you, many lives will be impacted through the arts!

We greatly appreciate your partnership and support!

In the coming days you will receive a letter suitable for your taxes from our office.  You will also be sent a laminated membership card which you need to carry with you in order to claim your benefits.  We would also very much appreciate your putting the decal which we will send you on your car so that we can encourage others to join you in supporting the arts.  

Please do not hesitate to share your ideas, thoughts, and impressions with us in the coming weeks and months.  We value your input and look forward to a continued partnership with you as we work together toward…

Making the ARTS a Presence in Our Community!