Scholarships Awards and GrantsThe Watauga County Arts Council tries to make it possible for everyone who wishes to learn in the arts to do so….regardless of their financial ability.   We have several scholarship funds which are designated for various purposes and the monies which are raised for one of these is used solely for that purpose.

Music LessonsAudrey Shields

The Arts Council offers lessons in violin, viola, guitar, mandolin, piano, and flute.  While many of the students are children, there are also adults learning these instruments.  Often parents, in particular, find it hard to pay for regular music lessons.  So there are designated funds for each of these instruments and these funds are kept separate because the instructors, themselves, often work very hard to raise funds for their students.   Donations are awarded on a case by case basis, but sometimes the funds run out before the needs do.

Recently a heart-warming situation was brought to the Arts Council’s attention.  Adorable little Audrey Shields’ parents were so determined to make learning to play the violin possible for Audrey that her mother is even volunteering her cooking services to help the Arts Council raise money. Click HERE to read Audrey’s story. 

If you would like to help children like Audrey, click HERE to make a donation.   If you are interested in taking lessons and would like to apply for a scholarship, click HERE.


Special ProjectsVocal Music ScholarshipsWith a song always on his lips, Roland Moy seems to be always thinking about getting people to join him in the joy of singing.  Roland has promoted vocal music tirelessly for years throughout this community, singing in several barbershop quartets and groups, encouraging others to do so, and even organizing a fundraiser called Celebrate Singing which is held each fall to raise money to help the Watauga County Arts Council award scholarships for vocal musicians.  This year there are two opportunities for vocal music:

Special [000946]Projects Awards have no specific deadline, but are open year-round for teachers to request or recommend funding.  Special Projects awards might fund special activities, workshops, or camps that offer vocal music experiences or artistic development not otherwise accessible without financial assistance.  Examples of these awards might be to assist a school chorus in participating in All State Chorus or to help a student to participate in choral music opportunities.  Awards are in the range of $50 to $150.   Applications are made by teachers either for their school or on behalf of a deserving student.   Click HERE for an application form for Special Projects Awards.

Vocal Music Scholarships are awards which the Arts Council gives in the late spring to help an individual to reach his or her artistic goals. Examples of things which are often funded include workshops, camps, etc.   The deadline for applications for Vocal 2016 Vocal Scholarship Winners Hope Langston and Rachel Sabo-HedgesMusic Scholarships is May 1, 2018 and awards will be announced in mid-May.  Click HERE for an Application for a Vocal Music Scholarship

Neither of these awards are given for private lessons or college tuition and all recipients must be residents of Watauga County.

Financial Assistance is available to help schools and students participate in Vocal Music Opportunities.


Arts Education Scholarships

Arts Education Scholarships are a fund which the Arts Council established to assist community members of all ages to participate in tuition based workshops and classes which the Arts Council is offering.  These are not limited to any specific age group, but are available to help provide access for all community members interested in participating in the array of educational opportunities which the Arts Council offers throughout the year.   If you are interested in taking a workshop or class and would like to apply for a scholarship, click HERE.  If you would like to help others pursue learning in the arts, click HERE to make a donation.