Tune in weekly to hear us on the radio……


We have a regular Friday morning date with two of our local radio stations:

8:10 am – 100.7 Oldies FM – This is usually a quick update on what’s happening with the Arts Council and to alert you to things you might not know are coming up.

8:45 am – WATA – 1450 AM – This is usually a more in-depth look at some of our local artists or at upcoming events and opportunities in the arts.

Here’s one of those interviews…….with Liam Purcell, an amazing young musician who performed at our 2014 Artfull Palette

 We’re very grateful to our media partners for making these opportunities possible to help keep the community informed about all the wonderful things going on in the arts.

Tune in to learn more about how we’re “Making the ARTS a Presence in Our Community”