crazy pumpkins

The Watauga County Arts Council is getting into the spirit of autumn by inviting you to share your creativity with a pumpkin!

We’re having a Contest AND a Party!!!  (see below)



Pumpkin Decorating Contest

Check out these Inspirations Before You Paint or Carve (Or Apply)!!!

Pumpkin Decorating Contest Entry Form 

As we inch into autumn, cooler weather, and changing leaves, pumpkins are inevitably a part of all fall celebrations. And of course the first one is coming up at the end of October! Tradition has it that pumpkins should be carved with funny or spooky faces and then a candle should be lit within them to serve as a whimsical or scary lantern to guide trick or treaters as they stumble along unfamiliar terrain in search of goodies. But pumpkins can have a lot of different looks and they don’t all have to do with Halloween.

Pumpkin Flyer - 2 activitiesWhat can you do to adorn the typical plain orange pumpkin? Are you the creative sort who thinks “outside the box” and paints it with unorthodox colors and designs? Are you one of those who pokes things into the pumpkin or otherwise fastens things to it? And even carving can have multiple effects….from the traditional face to abstract shapes.

The Watauga County Arts Council urges you to turn loose your imagination and create your own pumpkin masterpiece. Then bring it to the Blue Ridge ArtSpace on Saturday, October 11, 2014 between 4 and 5pm and enter it in the Pumpkin Decorating Contest! For an entry fee of $5 per pumpkin (with no limits on how many you can create and enter) you can compete for prizes provided by local merchants and your claim to fame for the month of October.

Winners will be chosen by earning the votes of those attending the 2nd Saturday Celebration of the Arts on that same evening from 5:30 – 7:30 pm.

All pumpkins entered in the competition are then left on the porch of the Blue Ridge ArtSpace and used to decorate the facility for all who would like to come see them.

No candles or fire of any sort will be allowed so if you want your pumpkin to shine you need to use a battery operated tea light to make it glow.

Pumpkin Painting Party!!

Pumpkin Painting Party

This one is for kids of ALL ages, regardless of the number of candles on their last birthday cake!

The Watauga County Arts Council is providing mini-pumpkins, paint, and other necessary supplies for a Pumpkin Painting Party! The pumpkins can be painted in any style or design you like….because you’ll be taking them home with you after the party’s over. So come up with a unique design of your very own (or just show up and “wing it” if you’d rather).

The fun begins Saturday, October 25th at 11am and continues to 3pm  to allow plenty of time for your special touches, even if you have to watch the paint dry between coats!

But rather than sitting around and watching paint dry, there are fun games being planned to entertain you until it’s time for the next coat of paint or special touches to be applied.

Your $5 fee includes your pumpkin, paint, and the use of brushes and other tools.