Making Digital Images from Paintings

Making Digital Images from Paintings   Scanning paintingsDSCN7496

Instructor:  Jo Ann Pippin

Ages:  Adults

Dates:   Thursday, June 26 from 1-4pm

Fee:  $40

Materials: none required

Course Description:   This 3-hour workshop will explore inexpensive ways for painters to scan their works  to make digital images for record-keeping, exhibition entries, notecards, websites, brochures, and other useful reproductions of their works.  JoAnn Pippin will share the knowledge she has accumulated with various methods of scanning and reproducing her watercolors.  There will be demonstrations using  Photoshop Elements, office scanners and printers, including discussion of image resolution and why photographing your own images doesn’t work.  You may bring one of your paintings and a USB flash drive to get a digital file of a scan to take home with you (optional).   

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