Jody Bargerstock Alcohol Ink Workshop Material List


At least 6 Alcohol inks of your choice of color.  Highly recommended but NOT necessary is Sunbright Yellow, Cheap Joe’s.   Also recommended is Sail Boat Blue, Michaels and Sunset Orange, Michaels.  I do not recommend the large bottles in class.  They spill too easily.  If you want to buy the large bottles get one of like color in the small bottle with the tip (which won’t spill)  and keep it filled from the large bottle. I will show you how to fill them in class.

Buy one bottle of the Alcohol Blending Solution, Michaels. 

You will want both sizes of Yupo Paper from Cheap Joe’s. Only one size is necessary to start.  It is recommended that you purchase pad sizes such as 9×12 or 11×14 inches.  Then please cut your paper down to fit standard size frames such as 4×6 or 6×7 inches.

Bring some paint brushes, q-tips, cotton balls, bring several straws for blowing, and paper towels.  (The Dollar Store is great for these supplies).  An old credit card is useful.  Bring a spray bottle.  91 % alcohol is necessary. Get the large bottle.  Walmart has the best price. 

You may want to bring plastic gloves as the inks stain temporarily.  I usually paint bare-handed.  A glass jar or two for cleaning brushes. 

You may want to also bring an apron to wear to protect your clothing.  

It is recommended that you bring your supplies in a square plastic dishtub or some other waterproof container that can be easily accessed.