Holiday Originals

Holiday OriginalsThe Holiday Originals Sale will take place during November and December and is open to all Member Artists

Gallery and Gift Shop Hours:
Thursday, Friday, Saturday 11:30-–5:30
Tuesday, Wednesday, 1:30—5:30

For our November and December Gallery Exhibitions, we’re turning both the Main Gallery and the Open Door Gallery of the Blue Ridge ArtSpace into a holiday shopping opportunity….and, for you, it will be a holiday sales opportunity!

We are hoping to have plenty of things to sell….and plenty of customers to buy them. Please plan to participate and please help us spread the word throughout the arts community!
You may sell any items which would be considered holiday decorations, holiday themes, or simply things which might make good gifts (but not necessarily holiday themed….after all, who wants to get a Christmas-themed item on December 25th and have to wait a whole year to use it?) .

Unlike other gallery exhibitions, purchasers will be allowed to take the works at the time of the sale. Therefore, you should try to have more items of similar size and description available to substitute for the sold items—so the show stays full and there are plenty of choices for shoppers.

A tree or tree-like display will be provided for exhibiting ornaments. If you have a relatively small display item upon which smaller items can be exhibited, please bring it. We may or may not be able to use it….but it might be just the thing we need to display your work and help it sell.

Artists are asked to submit a  Preliminary Participation Form by Friday, October 23rd in order to help us prepare for this unique show. This is simply  a general estimate of what you plan to bring, not a final inventory. We will not need your work then….the Preliminary Participation form is intended to help us plan the exhibit space.

Participating artists must be current members of the Watauga County Arts Council (with their most recent contribution having taken place on or after November 3, 2014).

There is no participation fee required. The WCAC will retain a 25% commission on all work sold.

Prospectus with Participation and Inventory Forms