Grassroots Grants Reporting

2018-2019 Grassroots Grants Reporting Deadline – not later than June 15, 2019.  (You may turn in your report whenever your project is complete.)

In order to complete your report for your grant, you will need to complete all the required documents and turn them in to the WCAC office for review.  Following their approval, we can issue your check.   Please let us know if you have questions.
Grant Instructions  (read carefully before you begin your project)
Revised Budget (if required)

 Report Forms (Please use the checklist on the bottom of the Report Cover Page to ensure you have met all requirements.)

Report Cover Page
Subgrant Report Form 2018-2019
Project Description
Financial Worksheet
Don’t forget that you need to email your legislators and also include the appropriate credits in all PR and include copies of that PR with your report form.
Thank you for participating in this year’s Grassroots Grants Program!