Grassroots Grants Application Process


1)     Complete North Carolina Arts Council (NCAC) Subgrantee Fill-In PDF Subgrant Application FY18-19 and return it along with the Fill-In PDF Application Cover Page -2018-2019  and  Budget Worksheet to the WCAC office by the published deadline.  Applications which do not have all three of these completed will not be considered.
2)     The NCAC now requires that all subgrant applicants have on file (with the local arts council) their current Conflict of Interest (this needs to updated annually, approved by your board, and signed by the board chairperson – for assistance see Model Conflict of Interest Policy) and a current copy of the state’s No Overdue Tax Debt Form.
3)     Applications are reviewed by a panel of county representatives.
4)     The recommendations of the panel are presented for approval by the Watauga County Arts Council’s Board of Directors.
5)     Applicants are notified by email of their acceptance into the program.  With this notification, all report forms will be sent to them, along with a list of instructions and a contract which is to be signed and returned upon receipt.  It is advisable to read carefully through all these materials before proceeding.
6)     Applicants sign and return the contract to the WCAC within the specified time.
7)      Applicants carry out their event, being CERTAIN to include the required credit line in ALL written and oral publicity.
8)     Applicants complete the NCAC Subgrantee Report Form immediately following their event and return it to the WCAC along with sample publicity and any publications which include the credit lines.  Prior to turning in the Report Form it is advisable to use the checklist provided with your notification packet to ensure that you have included all required materials.
9)     The Report Form and all required attachments must be complete and pass review by the Executive Director or Panel Chairperson before payment of the grant award can be made.