Regional Artist Project Grant – Fundable Projects


Rosa Powers won a grant in 2011-2012 to purchase studio tools and materials.

Regional Artist Project Grants might include funds for expenses in the following areas:

1. Promotion/ Presentation: the cost of producing a demonstration tape for a composer, a video cassette for a choreographer, a portfolio for a graphic artist, editorial assistance for a writer, brochures, promotional slides, etc.

2. Travel: to specific workshops, retreats, or seminars for further study, travel to gather information intrinsic to an artist’s form, etc.

3. Services: rental of equipment or facilities for the presentation of a new work.

4. Supplies: purchase of supplies and materials necessary for the completion or production of a new work which is deemed by the artist to be an essential work in his/her career.

5. Training: advanced study or coaching that will enhance the artist’s abilities.

Please note: If your project is in the area of Arts & Education or Arts & Healthcare, make sure the project most directly benefits you, the artist, and not the others benefiting from your project.