Regional Artist Project Grants – Application Procedure


Sharon Sharp won a grant in 2010-2011 to help her attend a conference in her field.

 18-19 Regional Artist Project Grant Application (see the note below about turning in your application)

Assistance is available from your local arts council. Contact Alleghany Arts Council (704-907-1502),  Ashe County Arts Council (336-846-ARTS), Watauga County Arts Council  (828-264-1789), or Wilkes Art Gallery (336-667-2841) for more information.

Applications will be reviewed by judges and a Selection Review Panel from all four counties.

Incomplete or late applications will not be considered. Do not staple or bind applications, use paper clips.

You are encouraged to type your application; handwritten materials are less competitive.

Submit an original and 12 copies of the following items:

While the instructions do tell you to turn in your application in Ashe County, if you are a Watauga County artist, you may also bring it to the Blue Ridge ArtSpace by the deadline (September 14th at 5pm)  and we will be happy to take it to Ashe County for you. 
1. 18-19 Regional Artist Project Grant Application
2. Narrative. Include project description and how it will impact your career.
3. Detailed project budget showing how the requested grant will be used. (A dollar for dollar match for the grant is not required but indicates a serious commitment to the project.)
4. Resume (maximum of 4 pages)
5. Up to three letters of recommendation from persons with qualifications in the arts who know your work and support your proposed project. At least one letter of recommendation is
required from all applicants. Relatives or other persons directly benefiting from this grant may not serve as references. These letters should address your excellence as an artist.

Collate and assemble these items into thirteen separate packages in the order listed. Please 3-hole punch all pages. Items not punched will not be included in the Panelists’ notebooks.

Include each of the following in order:

1. Documentation of residency (NC Driver’s License or NC ID Card) as required, 1 copy.

2. Documentation and representative work samples: You may submit materials documenting art that you have completed in the last three years. You may also submit reviews, programs, catalogs, manuscripts and/or

For visual arts: up to 10 digital images on CD, slides, photographs, or videotape, 1 copy.
Original works of art not accepted. Include a work sample description sheet with your images.
For film: CD, DVD or videotape, 1 copy.
For dance: CD, DVD or videotape, 1 copy.
For drama: CD, DVD audio tape or videotape, 1 copy.
For playwright or literature: original and 12 complete copies of manuscript (Limit of 20 pages.)
For music: CD, DVD, audio tape or videotape. List tracks to be listened to in priority order. 1 copy.
For equipment purchases: original and 12 copies of manufacturer’s specifications, web-page printout or catalog clipping.
For classes or workshops: original and 12 copies of brochure, flyer, or resume of instructor.
Please include why this particular workshop was selected in the narrative section of your application.


You should label all pages with the following:
• Name
• Art Form
• Brief phrase describing your project

You should label all documentation with the following:
• Name
• Title of work
• Date of work
• Labels for slides and/or photographs of visual arts should also include dimensions and media of work and indicate the top of the image.
• Videotapes and audio tapes must be cued to the section to be reviewed by the panel. No more than six minutes will be listened to by the panel.

Please include a self-addressed postage paid envelope for the return of slides, photos, DVDs, CDs, tapes, videos, or original manuscripts, or arrange to pick up your materials after receiving notification about your proposal. Materials not picked up within two months will be discarded.