Grassroots Grants Funding

The North Carolina Legislature allocates funding each year to each county on a per capita basis.   The program provides funding for the arts in all 100 counties in North Carolina. Funds are primarily distributed through local arts councils called Designated County Partner (DCPs) using a per capita based formula.   A portion of these funds may be subgranted to support arts learning and arts in education programs conducted by qualified artists. These can be artist residencies in the schools, after school summer camps or adult arts learning classes. Grassroots funds may not be used for activities associated with a school’s internal arts programs such as in-school student performances, the purchase of art supplies, or student arts competitions and publications.   Grassroots grants require a  50-50 match, however for schools the match may be in the form of in-kind services such as the provision of lodging for out-of-town artists, donated materials, etc.. In the case of a MAP residency, artists who live too far away from the school must be provided with lodging, which the school can provide in private homes and use that as an in-kind match for the grant funds.

Grassroots Grants Application Process for Schools

Grassroots Grants Application Form

Grassroots Grant School Application Cover Page