December Gallery Exhibits

Cuba is an artist/photographer’s dream!  In May-June 2012, students and faculty from Appalachian State University traveled to Cuba to experience this vibrantly artistic and historically rich culture that has been largely “closed” to the USA due to the “Cuban Embargo”.

This studio art-based, international travel experience, focusing on the art forms and technical aspects of printmaking and photography, included an extended stay in Havana and an excursion to Pinar del Rio, a rural province in the western region of the island. Before, during and after the adventure, students were challenged with developing a thematic body of work based on personal observations and experiences culled from photo-excursions of the Havana and beyond. Using this photographic documentation as reference material, our “on-location”, artistic activities culminated with a “hands-on printmaking workshop at renowned, Taller Experimental de Grafica (Experimental Printmaking Studio) in Old Town, Havana.

Working with program directors, Scott Ludwig, Associate Professor in the Department of Art, and Garner Dewey, Associate Dean in the College of Fine and Applied Arts and Associate Professor in the Department of Technology and Environmental Design, in collaboration with Cuban artists and master printers, the group explored various printmaking processes to create portfolios of extraordinary prints, many of which were featured in an exhibition in the Taller Experimental de Grafica’s gallery space. Now, in this final, capstone component of the program, we are pleased to feature in this community exhibition, selections of creative work that encapsulates the “Cuba experience”.


And the Serendipity Gallery features a beautiful collection of works entitled: Small Wonders. This exhibit was curated by Marsha Holmes and features twenty-seven small works of art created by Sandy Smacks, Beverly Stahl, Sue Lindgren, Pegge DeLaney Laine, Mahala Porth, Judy Clarke, Kathy Copley, Ann Gonzalez, Trudy Muegel, Peggy Fowler, Linda Lielbriedis, Janie Endress, Lois Norris, and Marsha Holmes. Media range from acrylic, to oil, to watercolors, to graphite.